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May 7, 2010: New Munchkin Bookmark

Munchkin Bookmark of BRAAAAAAAAINS! Peanut butter and chocolate. Rock and roll. Pizza and wings. Some things go together. Like Munchkin and Zombie Dice.

Yes, Munchkin and Zombie Dice! Specifically, the Munchkin Bookmark of BRAAAAAAAAINS! is the physical manifestation of that synergy, as it allows you to bring your Zombie Dice into your Munchkin game. Brains are bonuses for you, shotguns are bonuses for the monster, and feet . . . well, the feet help you run away. Sounds good, doesn't it?

But, I hear you say, where could I find this magical bookmark? Why, Warehouse 23, of course! A copy of the Munchkin Bookmark of BRAAAAAAAAINS! will be included with each copy of Zombie Dice sold (for a limited time only, while supplies last, not valid in Narnia).

-- Paul Chapman

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