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March 2, 2004: Conventions

We had a really great time at ConDFW last weekend. Played games, demoed games, showed off the new Cardboard Heroes Castles, and enjoyed a truly excellent small con . . . big enough to have a great guest list, small enough to give people the chance to meet the guests.

The GAMA Trade Show is not exactly a convention, but then again it is . . . it's just not a fan convention. It's coming up frighteningly soon . . . March 15-18 in Las Vegas . . . so several of us will be out of the office for nearly a week. Andrew will get to hold the fort; lucky Andrew. We do plan to make an interesting announcement during the Vegas show; stay tuned.

And in April . . . Penguicon. A combination SF and Linux convention. Is this cool, or what? With a guest list that boggles the mind . . . go to the site and look. REALLY. Warehouse 23 goddess Michelle Barrett and I will be going. On the Penguicon web page, follow the Special Events link to see what MY special event will be.
-- Steve Jackson

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