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March 30, 2004: A Couple Of Reminders

Time flies, so today I'm going to repeat a couple of announcements . . .

Cover Contest

There are still a couple of days left. Until midnight CST on March 31, we will accept suggestions for GURPS Fourth Edition cover designs at covers@sjgames.com. The suggested design should be attached to the mail in 72-dpi JPG format. Scan back to the March 26 Illuminator for the legal blah and the prize.

The Great Toy Swap

I did get one taker on my offer to swap game goodies for Chaos stuff -- thanks, Andrew F.! And I did grab one huge set, brand new and still in shrinkwrap, on eBay. And there's a collection of loose parts on eBay now that I have hopes of winning . . . since it has no motor, fewer people will want it. But I'm determined to create a really monster layout at Penguicon, with the help of everyone else who's as easily amused as I am. So my offer remains open, for both Chaos and Frigits stuff. What have I got that you want?
-- Steve Jackson

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