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March 22, 2004: Back From GTS, And Happy

We returned from the GAMA Trade Show Friday night, touching down sometime after midnight. Intended to post this report Saturday, but, well, unpacking. And 1,000 spams to delete, and about 50 legitimate e-mails to answer. And so on.

At any rate, it was a really great show. The GURPS Fourth Edition announcement was well received. I was proud of the way our booth looked and the way our team performed. We were giving the retailers copies of Cardboard Heroes Castles: Walls and Towers (and showing off prototypes of the next set, The Keep) . . . and, of course, Star Munchkin 2.

So it was an excellent week. But my, it's good to be home.

Cold Turkey Update

Actually, I'm feeling fine. Had a slow few days, yes, but I'm functioning better now without the caffeine and sugar than I was two weeks ago WITH it.
-- Steve Jackson

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