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March 1, 2004:
Did you know Jupiter is broadcasting radio signals? The interaction of gas from Io's volcanos and Jupiter's magnetosphere sends magnetized plasma . . . oh, like I understand . . . read article

March 2, 2004:
We had a really great time at ConDFW last weekend. Played games, demoed games, showed off the new Cardboard Heroes Castles, and enjoyed a truly excellent small con . . . big enough to have a great guest list, small enough to give people the chance to meet the guests . . . read article

March 3, 2004:
Okay, it won't actually launch until May, but check out the MESSENGER probe project which will go to Mercury. MESSENGER stands for "MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging," which certainly took some work to put together . . . read article

March 4, 2004:
Or something like a producer, in the computer game sense. We have all these great games that OUGHT to become videogames, and we are actually working, in various poorly coordinated ways, with various developers and programmers on various projects . . . read article

March 5, 2004:
I've written a report about the state of our business; if you have a stake in Steve Jackson Games as a gamer, retailer, distributor, or creator, it's for you . . . read article

March 6, 2004:
They make beautiful music together, "they" being pretty much everyone. If you'll Let them sing it for you, this site will unite vocal talents cobbled from a multitude of sources . . . read article

March 7, 2004:
Here's a French cartoonist with his own take on Cthulhu . . . read article

March 8, 2004:
User Friendly has a new Illuminati card for you . . . read article

March 9, 2004:
Scientists think they have identified the gene that mutated to give us such big brains. Read the Discover story . . . read article

March 10, 2004:
Just a quick reminder: Most of the senior SJ Games staff will be in Las Vegas all next week at the GAMA Trade Show. If you're trying to contact people, responses may be delayed by several days . . . read article

March 11, 2004:
So I'm going to see whether cutting out caffeine and processed sugar makes a difference in my energy levels, sleeping habits, and so on. So no more Coke (sigh) . . . read article

March 12, 2004:
Do you want your consciousness expanded? Do you wish to understand mysteries that elude others? . . . read article

March 13, 2004:
Kimara Bernard has been an editor at SJ Games for about a year. (Many of you know her as the cheerful and efficient Queen of Comps.) . . . read article

March 14, 2004:
To our fellow gamers in Spain, and to all their fellow citizens: We share your pain and grief. No, this sort of thing makes no sense . . . read article

March 15, 2004:
Steve Jackson Games will release the following games in June, 2004: Burn In Hell No Rest For The Wicked . . . Collect the souls of the damned! . . . read article

March 16, 2004:
In August 2004, at GenCon, Steve Jackson Games will release GURPS Fourth Edition, starting with the two-volume Basic Set. Fans have been asking about a new edition for years, and we've always said it wouldn't happen until we could justify the change in terms of both rules and presentation. Well, we're there . . . read article

March 17, 2004:
Many people have asked about a chat log of yesterday's four-hour Pyramid chat. That's four hours of questions, server troubles, and more questions - often the same questions . . . read article

March 18, 2004:
The promised FAQ will be delayed, due to the logic board in my iBook having failed yesterday morning . . . read article

March 19, 2004:
Anyone who thinks teenagers can't be insightful hasn't traveled to Russia lately. Ananova tells us 16-year-old Natalia can look right into a person's body . . . read article

March 20, 2004:
A Russian inventor has patented a device for displaying advertisements in space that will be visible from Earth . . . read article

March 21, 2004:
The BLEEX (Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeleton) is, not to put too fine a point on it, a pair of robotic legs that you strap on to let you walk with heavy loads. Here's the BLEEX homepage, and here's a BBC article about the neat new toy . . . read article

March 22, 2004:
We returned from the GAMA Trade Show Friday night, touching down sometime after midnight. Intended to post this report Saturday, but, well, unpacking . . . read article

March 23, 2004:
As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I'm planning to build an insanely large Chaos structure next month at Penguicon. I've been keeping my eye open for more bits . . . the bigger, the better, after all, and the sets are out of stock at the manufacturer! . . . read article

March 24, 2004:
These products are on their way to distributors now, and will appear on your local game store shelves in the very near future: Illuminati: Crime Lords Rival mobs battle for control of the city. Take over the rackets, rake in the dough, and rub out the opposition . . . read article

March 25, 2004:
The Illuminati are pleased to announce that Paul Chapman is now our Marketing Director. Mark Schmidt has resumed the position of MIB Control . . . read article

March 26, 2004:
We were very surprised at the amount of attention that fans have been paying to the GURPS Basic Set covers we displayed on announcement day. Okay . . . read article

March 27, 2004:
Numerology by any other name might be the Kabalarian Philosophy. The site takes pains to distance itself from this comparison, but the basic idea remains the same: Enter your name and find out how your name creates your mind . . . read article

March 28, 2004:
You probably noticed it already. . . For the last few months we've been using the blue-purple page design in order to test some ideas . . . read article

March 29, 2004:
Giles, Andrew, and Fade have returned from Aggiecon, and report that all went well. Good con, many games were played . . . read article

March 30, 2004:
Time flies, so today I'm going to repeat a couple of announcements . . . Cover Contest There are still a couple of days left . . . read article

March 31, 2004:
Michelle called it, as we all dug through the huge box full of Styrofoam peanuts, feeling around for the Stuff. But it was neat Stuff, not junk at all . . . read article

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