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May 2, 2008: Maker Faire

Like making stuff? Can you turn a handful of paperclips and a rubber band into a deadly weapon? Do you believe power tools can improve everything about daily life? Then Maker Faire is the place for you.

The gathering of innovators, inventers, and hackers started in 2006, and was held here in Austin last year. This year, it's back in the Bay Area, and bigger than ever. Power Tool Drag Races, 19 foot Tesla Towers, a 17-foot tall walking robot giraffe, and a "water" show created with Mentos and Diet Coke are just a few of the events scheduled.

The 45,000+ person event runs this Saturday and Sunday. Admission is only $25, so if you're near the San Mateo County Event Center and Fairgrounds this weekend, take a look -- and send us pictures!
-- Paul Chapman

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