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May 18, 2008: More Fun At GTS

I have only talked face-to-face with Ken St. Andre a few times in my 30 years in the hobby, but he is important to me, all the same. He was the designer of Monsters! Monsters!, which was my very first paid project, back in the Metagaming days. I was the developer. The developer on a real game! And it got printed! And I got paid! Fun was had and a career was launched.

Anyway: Ken has this hat. He's had it a LONG time. He lost it in Vegas. But the hat was found . . .

So I really enjoyed the page Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo created for How Ken's Hat Had More Fun Than He Did. Rick is having WAAAAAY too much fun with this, too . . . possibly even more than the hat did. I can't decide which I like better: the photo the hat took, or the shot of the hat "hanging with some friends."

Thanks for this, Rick!
-- Steve Jackson

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