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May 28, 2008: Not Exactly A Job Opening, Not Exactly Six

We need to enlarge our creative team here. Problem is, there are several ways we could do it . . .

We could quite easily hire the right person for one of five widely varying job titles: Managing Editor, Editor (we could use a couple of editors), Print Buyer, Production Artist, or "assistant to SJ." Then we'd reshuffle some tasks being done by our current staff, and away we'd go. But we don't have the budget, or the need, to hire SIX people. We probably need two. At this time, pretty much ANY two.

This would be an Austin position. It's vaguely possible that some of these titles could be held by a telecommuter, but right now we don't want to see any "I don't want to be in Austin, but I can telecommute!" letters.

Because this is all so vaguely defined, we're not actually posting an opening yet for any particular title. Instead, we're saying, "If you would like to be an Austin employee of SJ Games, and you have skills and experience that relate to one or more of the jobs listed above, feel free to send us a resume."

Respond to casey@sjgames.com. The resume should be PASTED IN to the body of your letter, not attached. Yes, this is an intelligence test.

For general information about working for SJ Games, see our Job Opportunities page.

Down Time

Yes, we were offline for a while yesterday, and then back, and then down again. It wasn't a service provider issue this time. A stick of RAM went bad in a key server. Fixed now. Our thanks to Jimmie for coming in on a holiday and dealing, at length, with mysteriously uncooperative hardware.

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