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May 16, 2008: We Were Offline. We're Back!

The storms that shook Austin Wednesday night dumped hail on cars, uprooted trees, and dropped broken power lines onto the fiber optics that link our part of Austin to the rest of the world. Fzzzzzzt. We came back up a bit before 10pm Thursday, but it was an immensely frustrating day.

Today (Friday) is a game day in the office, celebrating Munchkin Quest going to press. We'll all try to at least scan our mail for emergencies, but it's possible that it could take us until Monday to reply to mail that you sent Wednesday evening. But we're still here and we'll get back to you soon.

Randy will be at Rogue's Gallery Comics and Games in Round Rock this evening at 8pm. What's he going to be doing? If you guessed "something Munchkin-ish," you're right -- Munchkin Booty, to be exact. Come on down and get a look at the rules and cards before they even go to the printer.

If you can't make it tonight, he'll be doing an encore tomorrow, at Great Hall Games, as part of their usual Afternoon Boardgame event. Stop by either store, or both, and get a taste of pirate flavored Munchkin.

UltraCorps players: all game ticks were suspended, so we hope nobody missed any turns. The Thursday night "Short & Sweet" tick was canceled. Regular hostilities will resume Friday.
-- Paul Chapman, with additional reporting by Steve Jackson and Jimmie Bragdon

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