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May 10, 2008: Slightly Heavier Metal

Okay, kids, it's time for another Good News/Bad News situation. Allow me to hit you with the Bad vibe first. The price of metal has gone up. Ogre minis, being made of metal, are more expensive to produce. What that means is come June 2nd, the individual Ogre minis will increase in price slightly. We're looking at about a 10% increase. Yeah, bleah, not exactly happiness. If you've been on the fence about filling out your army for The Last War, now is the best time to pick up those Raptors you've had your eye on.

This only affects the individual minis, mind you. The boxed sets will remain at their current prices.

The Good side? Your Ogre collection just jumped a little bit in value! Score!

(Hey, come on, lemme have my silver lining here, huh?)

-- Fox Barrett

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