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May 3, 2009: Many Mighty Plots Will Be Plotzed

Next week, John Kovalic will be visiting us in Austin. Barbecue will be eaten, Munchkin played, new Munchkin stuff discussed, and upcoming Munchkin stuff* will be gloated over in a most unseemly way. It'll be fun.

John is celebrating three important milestones at the moment. First, he recently drew his 2,500th Munchkin card. Second, he participated last night in his first gallery show (read about it on his blog) and it was an utter triumph. And third, last night his daughter Louisa waved at him for the first time.

We can't wait to get him here, show him the new gazebo, and introduce him to the mascot . . .

-- Steve Jackson


* Which you haven't even seen yet, but we'll leak at least one when we post the trip photos - count on it.

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