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May 25, 2009: Memorial Day

Here in the States, it's Memorial Day, the day dedicated to the memory of the men and women who have fallen defending this country.

We're not in the office. Voicemail and e-mail will be dealt with Tuesday.

Today seemed like a good day to show you a picture of your new flag. The cover letter said "This flag is to thank Steve Jackson Games MIB for the games sent to the soldiers of Delta Company 237th Brigade Support Battalion while they were deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom." It was flown by Delta Company over Camp Virginia, Kuwait. Thank you, guys. We are very proud to display it; it's on the brand new white wall enclosing our ALMOST-finished W23 space, and it will oversee a lot more "care packages" in the years to come.

Later edit: Yes, when the flag is hung on a wall, the union should be to the viewer's left. To the MANY people who pointed this out: thanks for caring, and thanks for letting me know. The photo above shows the corrected display.

-- Steve Jackson

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