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May 13, 2009: Welcome Back, Justin

Justin's cheesy grin

Sometimes talented people leave us. Sometimes they come back. But in only one case have they ever returned on the anniversary of their departure.

On May 12, 2006, Justin DeWitt left us to reenter the high-paying world of advertising. He went on to do some game design of his own, and now, on May 12, 2009, he's back!

He'll be doing the same sorts of production work he did before, along with some coordination duties to help Phil out. (Phil will be filling the extra time with more print buying, so we can get more [FNORD] into our games.) He'll also be bringing back a slightly more mature sense of humor to balance Alex's jokes. Well, not too much more mature. Ok, they're both pretty much 15-year-olds.

Welcome back, Justin! We missed you and your cheesy grin.

-- Paul Chapman

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