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May 23, 2009: A Survey For Pyramid

With the release of Pyramid #3/6: Space Colony Alpha, we come to a milestone in the life of Pyramid. As we announced back in November, customers with a current (at that time) Pyramid subscription were given a six-month subscription to the new version. And #3/6 was the last one.

The question on our minds now is "Do you like the new version?" To that end, we've created a survey. If you'd take a couple minutes to hit all the buttons on the form, we'd be grateful. Afterwards, you can always share your opinions in a more freeform environment, namely the Pyramid forum.

The more specific question is, of course, "Will the new format be sustainable?" That can only be answered by you, voting with your dollars. Feel free to cast your vote with a three-, six-, or twelve-month sub, or just pick up the individual issues that meet your gaming tastes.

-- Paul Chapman

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