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May 4, 2010: Cthulhu Dice Unboxing Deluxe

Cthulhu Dice want to eat your sanity Most unboxing videos consist of one person, a camera, and whatever they're unboxing. We've been taking it a step further, with a person behind the camera as well as in front of it, just to create a better video.

But now we've gone into "Deluxe Unboxing!" Not only do we open Cthulhu Dice and talk about the components, SJ gathers a group and plays an entire game -- all in just seven minutes. (Yes, John Kovalic just happened to be walking by when SJ asked for players, and everyone just happened to be wearing Cthulhu Dice shirts. Weird coincidences like that happen all the time around here -- I blame the ancient Heisenberg compensators.)

Watch our newest unboxing video -- or any of our silliness captured on film -- on our YouTube channel.

-- Paul Chapman

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