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May 11, 2020: Deadly Doodles Now Available In PDF

Deadly Doodles

During this period of physical distancing, we've been hosting a plethora of #SJGamesLive events, many featuring Deadly Doodles play-alongs, and people seem to have really enjoyed them. We'll be continuing those streams going forward, and hope to add even more content, like Deadly Doodles 2 (which is now shipping to Kickstarter backers)! However, since many game stores are limited in capacity at the moment, and fans have been asking us how to play the game at home if they couldn't get their hands on it, we decided to release it in PDF. It's now available to download from Warehouse 23!

This PDF features the main map, rules, and the cards, which are integral to playing the game on your own. It is print-and-play, so you may want to sleeve the cards or have it printed on cardstock of some sort. Of course, if your local game store is doing curbside pickup or delivery, check and see if they have a copy of the game; you may be able to snag it locally as well. But if you can't, the PDF is a great alternative for delving the doodly dungeons.

And look for Deadly Doodles 2 this summer, once Kickstarter fulfillment has been completed!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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