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May 28, 2020: Gelatinous Dice Game Now Shipping!


One of the new releases affected by the closing of Warehouse 23 back in March was Gelatinous, a new dice game that was created as an exclusive item for sale through Warehouse 23 and at conventions. The games landed in our warehouse just days before Austin was put under a shelter-in-place order, so we could only accept pre-orders for the last few weeks.

With Warehouse 23 now shipping orders, we have opened Gelatinous for official release. This fast-playing dice game for three to six players includes 42 12mm green glitter dice, and everything fits in the custom dice bag. To make the game as portable as possible, we printed the rules directly on the bag! We've also posted solitaire rules for the game as a free PDF that you can download and play right now (as long as you have 13 six-sided dice that are all the same size).

Add Gelatinous to your game collection today!

-- Phil Reed

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