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May 20, 2020: Back The Comeback!

Isolation HaircutHere I am in my isolation haircut and my Back the Comeback T-shirt. You ask what I'm going to do with the giant Cthulhu Die. You may well ask! My house, my rules . . . the staged layout includes a giant skeleton, painted by Richard Kerr, and a whole bunch of my favorite orcs, painted by, err, me . . . so it's a good thing they are just little blobs at this scale.

Here's a shout-out to Alliance Games (visit www.backthecomeback.com) and all our Austin game retailers, including Tribe, Emerald Tavern, Dragon's Lair, and Wonko's. We WILL be back at full steam, when it's safe, and we'll all stay as smart as we can to serve you as best we can UNTIL it's safe to ditch the masks and get together for the biggest game convention ever.  #BacktheComeback 

-- Steve Jackson

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