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November 2, 2021: Learn To Play Car Wars Sixth Edition With Chris Steele

Thank you to Chris Steele for creating and sharing this excellent Car Wars Sixth Edition how-to-play video. Chris presents the basics of the game in a clear manner, making it easier for everyone to get into the action as quickly as possible. Watch the video, and then dive into automotive mayhem with your friends and Car Wars Sixth Edition!

Wait. You didn't support Car Wars Sixth Edition on Kickstarter? Not a problem! Pre-orders are open today, and you can add the Double Ace box to your collection by pre-ordering the game at our online store, Warehouse 23. Don't forget to add Miniatures Set 2 and Miniatures Set 4 to your Double Ace pre-order 1to get as many different cars and game cards as possible!

-- Phil Reed

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