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November 22, 2021: A Nordlond Bestiary For Dungeon Fantasy RPG

Gaming Ballistic is going big for their last project of 2021. On Thursday, November 18, Gaming Ballistic launched the Norðlondr Óvinabókin: the Norðlond Bestiary and Enemies Book.
The basic goal is a 128-page hardback, but stretch goals could increase the book to up to 240 pages. Tons of new faeries, demons, dragons, and more, plus some old favorites! 
This bestiary isn't just for Norðlond: a naming index provides monster monikers that don't involve so many ALT keys, plus names for creatures that also appear in That Other Game, so in a pinch, a GM can run their game with all sorts of existing material, on the fly. Lavishly illustrated and printed in full color, the book will also include some extras for enhancing play, at the table or via VTT, with quick-reference cards and a token pack with facing indicators.
The Kickstarter runs from November 18 through December 7!

-- Douglas Cole

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