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November 13, 2021: Painted Car Wars Sixth Edition Miniatures On Facebook

We've already mentioned the Car Wars Sixth Edition Facebook group, and now we're taking time to share a peek at some of the painted miniatures that have been posted to that very same group. With over 30 different miniatures available thanks to the support of Kickstarter backers, there are a lot of choices to make when you sit down with the new Car Wars Sixth Edition game and answer the question: Which miniature will I paint first? Fortunately, there is no right answer, and these quick snapshots from the Facebook group should help give you some ideas regarding designs and color schemes when you sit down to paint your first car or two.

Once you've painted a few cars, please consider joining the Car Wars Sixth Edition Facebook group where you can share your work with other players. Good luck with painting. We look forward to seeing your pics of painted minis!

-- Phil Reed




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