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November 8, 2020: Are You A Fan Of RPG Zines? Join This Facebook Group!

We're no stranger to zines. The company has published a handful of zines and magazines in the past, and even today we create new issues of Hexagram, a zine for The Fantasy Trip, a few times during the year. (Find Hexagram at Warehouse 23 today!) We aren't the only ones publishing new zines today, though, and there are many, many other zine publishers out there producing new work every month!

If you're at all interested in game zines and want to keep a close eye on what's happening, the RPG Zines group on Facebook is one resource that you can turn to. Although many of the members of the group are zine creators, there's no shortage of pics and info that anyone looking to learn the latest zine info will find entertaining.

Join the group today and then, if you feel the call, create a zine of your own! It's not difficult and you may find that writing and publishing RPG zines is a fun way to share your hobby with others.

-- Phil Reed

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