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November 29, 2020: Give The Gift Of Nostalgia This Holiday Season

Is there a gamer on your shopping list who was playing boardgames, card games, and RPGs in the eighties? Well, we've got the perfect instant shopping list for you with our retro-style Pocket Box games!

Created by scanning and re-mastering the originals, these black plastic Pocket Box games are as close to the original versions as we could manage, with a few key differences:

  • The new Pocket Box is thicker than the originals, allowing you to pack more into each box.
  • In some cases, we included both retro-style cut-em-yerself cardboard counters and thicker, die-cut counters.
  • We packed two six-sided dice in the Pocket Box games!

If you have a friend who constantly talks about how their old game collection was forever lost, now's your chance to bring a bit of the past back into their life. 

Order today at our online store, Warehouse 23, and make someone smile this Christmas!

-- Phil Reed


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