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November 10, 2020: Four Decades Of Illuminati

First published in 1982, the Illuminati game has seen several editions over the years . . . and now is your chance at three of them!

  • Pocket Box Bundle. This box set includes near-exact retro reprints of the original Illuminati Pocket Box game as well as the 1980s expansions. Do you want to see where it all started? This is the box you've been looking for!
  • Classic 1998 Edition. You may not know this, but the 1998 Illuminati Deluxe Edition was the game's primary version between 1998 and 2018 when we published an updated edition of the game. For those of you who wish to add this edition to your collection -- as well as the Y2K, BFD, and IMAD expansions -- you won't want to miss the fact that we have released a reprint of the game and expansions on Amazon. Don't pay those insane after-market prices on eBay when you can get a new copy of the reprint for just $39.95.
  • Illuminati Second Edition. Released in 2018, this newest edition of the game updates the content to fit today's crazy times. Better still, this edition already has two expansions -- Alternative Truths and 2020 -- making your modern conspiracy as current as possible. Rumors of a "2020 Part Two" are just lies that I made up, although there has certainly been enough new stupid in the world over the last month to support a completely new set.

And if these options aren't enough, keep your eyes open for the Illuminati Confirmed video game that is scheduled to reach Kickstarter before the year ends. Please see this Daily Illuminator post for more info on the game, and prepare to take over the online world.

-- Phil Reed

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