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November 21, 2020: Thank You, Mixam!

When we launched the Hexagram zine for The Fantasy Trip in 2019, we took the print job to Mixam . . . and they blew us away with their quality, speed, and service. Their work was so reliably great that we went back to them again and again, printing each issue of Hexagram through their service. 

If you've wanted to produce a zine (I have no inside info, but I suspect that Kickstarter will run a Zine Quest event in early 2021), then you must take a look at the Mixam website and review their selection of papers, sizes, and bindings. The quality is top-notch and the few times that we have run into problems, the Mixam team has responded quickly to resolve the issues.

You can also follow Mixam on Twitter. They sometimes share pics of some of their recent print jobs, making their Twitter stream a source of new books, comics, and RPG zines that you may have otherwise missed.

-- Phil Reed

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