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November 17, 2020: On Kickstarter Today: More For The Fantasy Trip With Hexagram #6, Old-School Monsters, And Adventures 2


The latest issue in the Hexagram series launches on Kickstarter later today, giving GMs and players of The Fantasy Trip another chance to show their support for the game. 

This time around, we're offering two new hardcovers as a part of the project, though both are not officially a part of the crowdfunding campaign and both are already at print. If we're not crowdfunding Old School Monsters and Adventures 2 then why are they in the campaign? To minimize the impact of shipping on your rewards! While we may only be officially crowdfunding Hexagram #6, we're well aware that shipping costs are spiraling out of control and you're looking to save on postage whenever possible.

You can learn more about the project in this update at thefantasytrip.game, and then visit the Kickstarter page to follow the new campaign.

We look forward to you joining us in this latest expansion for The Fantasy Trip!

-- Phil Reed

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