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November 10, 2021: Car Wars Sixth Edition Double Drum Arena Playmat Now On Indiegogo


Our first giant 4' x 6' playmat for Car Wars Sixth Edition, the Double Drum arena, is now funding on Indiegogo . . . and you have less than a week to join in and make this new arena playmat a reality!

You missed out on the Car Wars Sixth Edition campaign and the chance to pre-order the game? Not a problem! We're offering two perks in the Indiegogo campaign that include the new playmat and everything you need to play the new game, so there's still a chance to grab the rules at the same time you're supporting our efforts to create this giant playmat.

Check out the Indiegogo project and please join us today! The new playmat is an experiment of sorts, and we're sure to tackle more giant arena playmats if there's enough demand.

NOTE: Open to U.S. addresses only. If this project is successful, we'll offer any extras of the completed playmat in the future.

-- Phil Reed

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