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November 10, 2023: Win Games, Help Kids

Desert Bus For Hope starts on Saturday, November 11. That's tomorrow!
Since 2007, the internet sketch comedy group LoadingReadyRun has held this annual fundraiser to help Child's Play in its mission to bring toys, games, and therapeutic play to pediatric patients in hospitals around the world. They accomplish this via a 24/7 livestream marathon of Desert Bus, a legendary game with the dubious distinction of being one of the worst (if not the worst) video games ever made. Along the way, viewers can donate money, bid in live and silent auctions, or enter giveaways. The higher the donation total, the longer the bus stays on the road. And the longer the bus stays on the road, the more ridiculous the livestream becomes!
Chaos for a good cause is something we here at Steve Jackson Games can get behind. That's why we've donated four (somewhat rare!) games for this year's broadcast. These games have been divided into two bundles, both of which will be featured in giveaways taking place on November 14:
  • The first bundle is for two games signed by Steve Jackson himself! This bundle includes Munchkin Lite, a slightly slimmed-down version of our classic card game, and Bill and Ted's Excellent Board Game, an out-of-print game based on the Bill and Ted cinematic universe. (Does it qualify as a cinematic universe at this point?) This giveaway starts between 3:00 AM and 9:00 AM Eastern on November 14, so go to bed early and set your alarm!
  • The second bundle is for two out-of-print games featuring two very different holidays. The first game is Ghosts Love Candy, a Halloween-themed game of silly specters and their relentless pursuit of sweets. The second one is the Munchkin 2010 Holiday Edition, a Barnes & Noble exclusive from 2010. This edition of Munchkin features Christmas coins, a greeting card, and holiday-themed bonuses that add a little holiday magic (and mayhem?) to your next session. This giveaway also begins on November 14, this time between 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM Eastern.
The good people at Desert Bus For Hope have published their live auction, silent auction, and giveaway lists – there are some incredible items up for grabs this year. See something you want to bid on? Make sure you create a donor account first, since you can't participate in auctions or giveaways without one. Best of luck! 

-- Katie Duffy

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