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November 16, 2023: Wiz-War STL Bust Collection Now On Warehouse 23!

Wiz-War STL Bust Collection

Did you see the Daily Illuminator item from the other day about how Wiz-War STL Figures & Accessories are now available on Warehouse 23 and think, "Wow! How can they offer so many 3D-printable goodies? That's completely busted!" Well, that offer isn't, but this one is.

Behold! The Wiz-War STL Bust Collection is now also available to download from Warehouse 23! This assortment of busts features the eight wizards from Wiz-War in a beautiful, oversized format. Each one is about 4 inches high, perfect for decorating your gaming room or providing that extra bit of intimidation amid the magical mayhem of Wiz-War.

Just like the figure and accessory set, these STL bust models come in professionally supported formats as well as unsupported versions for those who want to make digital tweaks before firing up the resin printer. These robust models are available to download today, from Warehouse 23!

-- Steven Marsh

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