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November 20, 2023: Quick-And-Easy Gaming Tip: SMTP Edition

The iOS Mail Icon with 1,189 messages

If you're in an roleplaying-game campaign that's remotely modern day, consider setting up an email address for a main character, and use that to send out "in-universe" emails to the players during downtime. It's a good way to provide background info, clues, or other fun tidbits, and make the setting feel more alive. And it's just plain fun to get email from secret-agent EsperantoSharkblood@...

Oh, and for those who might be curious (such as my own kiddo), I guess I should explain: So, that envelope icon on your device – the one with the red oval and a ludicrously large number in it? That's the "email" app . . .

-- Steven Marsh

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