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November 23, 2023: Forging New Traditions

I've cooked, or helped to cook, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the past 50-mumble years. I'm really pretty good at all of it, and I actually enjoy it, especially the pie thing. But I found myself rather at loose ends this year.

My partner has always been very understanding of my desire to spend this particular holiday with my family, so we haven't had to do the "one year with your people, one year with my people" thing. (He also knows how to weave a mean lattice crust for a cherry pie, but don't tell him I told.)

Back to the loose-end thing – we needed to shake things up, so I found myself reaching out to his family and basically inviting ourselves over for dinner. (In case you were wondering, I will be baking your basic cornbread dressing and your non-basic peppermint brownies.)

The whole point of this is that his sister was telling me about dinner, and then she said, "And after dinner, we'll play games." I was intrigued. Now, my coworkers will be the first to tell you that I am not a big game player. (Crazy, I know.) But I was excited that this was part of their family tradition because we work so hard to bring games to game tables and encourage family play. And this family plays! So I'll be taking Gelatinous as well as my brand-new unopened copy of Really Loud Librarians.

I'm excited to do something different this year and stoked to see which games they bring to the table!

I hope all of you have a safe, friendly place to spend the day, family or good friends to spend it with, and that you also get to play a game or three. (Feel free to tell us on the Forums what some of your traditions are and what games you play!)

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Steve Jackson Games!

-- Susan Bueno

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