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November 11, 2020: Weather Dice Now On Indiegogo


I remember the first time I heard "Weather With You," by Crowded House (probably best known for "Don't Dream It's Over"). It was in Dublin in 1993, in a cab from Gaelcon to the airport. I don't usually ask the driver to turn the music UP, but this time I did. And I found out that it was a 1991 release that I'd just totally missed. I liked it, bought it for my phone, and every so often it comes up on shuffle.

The last time it played, I happened to be thinking about dice. And that was all there was to that! Weather dice!

I wanted a range of results, but I also didn't want to be rolling snowstorms in the jungle. So there are six dice, which seemed like a good range of climates. They're different colors, and each one has a different combination of icons. Pick a die, roll it, check the chart . . . maybe roll the same die once again, depending . . . and boom, you know what the weather is like.

There's one special rule. It's abusable, but if you have fun abusing it, I won't tell. It goes like this: if the die rolls off the table, you pick the most different one and roll that. So the jungle can get an occasional snowstorm after all.

Our Weather Dice campaign is now open on Indiegogo and runs through next Monday. Check it out for a unique way to add some heat (or cold!) to your next adventure.

I hope you enjoy these and that the "weather" is better soon for gaming in person!

-- Steve Jackson

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