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November 1, 2023:
Tis the season of weirdness! What better way to put the troubles of the real world behind than to hop to a dimension next door and battle giant ants or citywide amorphous oozes? GURPS Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Atomic Horror lets you do exactly that! . . . read article

November 2, 2023:
Happy Halloween, Feliz Día de Los Muertos, and a peaceful All Saints Day to all! We had an amazing turnout for our annual Halloween Game Day earlier this week . . . read article

November 3, 2023:
I love handheld video-game devices; I have a literal bookshelf of them. I particularly enjoy portable gaming on the Nintendo Switch . . . read article

November 4, 2023:
I've been playing RPGs since I was in high school, but I'm a bit ashamed to say that I'd never heard of Jennell Jaquays until recently. Her work spans decades, genres, and game systems, and her Wikipedia page reads like a greatest hits list of 80s and 90s classics: Dungeons & Dragons, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Age of Empires, and Quake . . . read article

November 5, 2023:
Here's a quick RPG tip: Do you use a password manager (such as Bitwarden or 1Password)? Do you need some random names for a weird/alien/fantasy game and have a hard time coming up with interesting ones? . . . read article

November 6, 2023:
Are board games art? That may sound like a rhetorical question, but it's one that an independent print magazine in the UK seeks to discuss . . . read article

November 7, 2023:
I inherited a not-terrible older MacBook Air from my wonderful father-in-law, after he upgraded his system. The system had only one teeny problem: The screen didn't work . . . read article

November 8, 2023:
We've released a bunch of amazing products for The Fantasy Trip over the years. (I'm personally a sucker for the solo adventures such as Red Crypt or Death Test and Death Test 2.) . . . read article

November 9, 2023:
I recently wrote a brief post about the release of Munchkin Scooby-Doo. In that post, I mentioned that the members of Mystery, Inc. seem to come from two different places . . . read article

November 10, 2023:
Desert Bus For Hope starts on Saturday, November 11. That's tomorrow!   Since 2007, the internet sketch comedy group LoadingReadyRun has held this annual fundraiser to help Child's Play in its mission to bring toys, games, and therapeutic play to pediatric patients in hospitals around the world . . . read article

November 11, 2023:
One challenge of having a large game collection can be trying to come up with a rhyme or reason to play something. If everything is equally valid, then we tend to play the same games over and over . . . read article

November 12, 2023:
Did you miss the successful Kickstarter for Wiz-War 3D Printable STL Figures & Busts? Do you look wistfully between your Wiz-War game and your resin printer before wiping the corners of your eyes? . . . read article

November 13, 2023:
Here's a tip I've used in RPG campaigns where I – as the GM – expect to do a bunch of tricky rolling and don't want to slow things down: roll ahead of time. Either with physicall dice or an Excel spreadsheet and a printer, it's super easy to come up with a ready-to-use list of rolls . . . dozens or hundreds, depending on how many you expect to use in the adventure . . . read article

November 14, 2023:
Not long ago, I rode on the first trip of a renovated railcar originally built in 1948. Behind steam! . . . read article

November 15, 2023:
Our website and new games will no longer show the logo of the slowly spinning sack of sewage formerly known as Twitter, nor will we ask you to find us there. This caused a little angst here – because we miss the Twitter that was – but the Twitter that IS has no value to anyone but the producers and consumers of hate speech . . . read article

November 16, 2023:
Did you see the Daily Illuminator item from the other day about how Wiz-War STL Figures & Accessories are now available on Warehouse 23 and think, "Wow! How can they offer so many 3D-printable goodies? . . . read article

November 17, 2023:
Pathfinder Revolution! is available today at your friendly local game store! This game of gutter statecraft and secret bids for power is based on Revolution!, which was designed by Phillip duBarry and debuted way back in 2009 . . . read article

November 18, 2023:
There are a lot of 3D printing hobbyists out there, but many people encounter a significant barrier to entry – cost. Desktop 3D printers can cost anywhere from $250 to $10,000, and that's not including the price of PPE, resin, and other accessories . . . read article

November 19, 2023:
Before my mom passed away, she had a koala collection. I'm not sure how it started, but by the time I became fully aware of it, it was a nontrivially large menagerie of myriad stuffed, ceramic, and otherwise iconographic koala memorabilia . . . read article

November 20, 2023:
If you're in an roleplaying-game campaign that's remotely modern day, consider setting up an email address for a main character, and use that to send out "in-universe" emails to the players during downtime. It's a good way to provide background info, clues, or other fun tidbits, and make the setting feel more alive . . . read article

November 21, 2023:
Ever consider where you came from? I don't mean, "Austin, Texas," but, "Where are my roots?" I did!  More than 30 years ago – 1987, to be exact – I had just graduated high school, and I was living at home with my parents in California (yes, I am that old) . . . read article

November 22, 2023:
I'm often on the lookout for cool gaming accoutrements for my own personal hoards of dice or other tiny accessories. I don't know if this is a truth universally acknowledged, but one trick I've found in perusing thrift stores in recent years has been to watch for interesting or unusual jewelry boxes . . . read article

November 23, 2023:
I've cooked, or helped to cook, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the past 50-mumble years. I'm really pretty good at all of it, and I actually enjoy it, especially the pie thing . . . read article

November 24, 2023:
We at Steve Jackson Games are passionate about supporting other small companies. In honor of this year's Small Business Saturday, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite shops that are based on nerd and gaming culture . . . read article

November 25, 2023:
With the holidays just around the corner, Steve Jackson Games has some great games to play or to give! My personal selections would be: Munchkin Gift Pack, which features three Munchkin games in one boxed package . . . read article

November 26, 2023:
If you have a closet of shame like I do, you have lots of games that you haven't played (or played much). Here's an idea if you need an excuse to get them off the shelf and on the table: a gaming bracket . . . read article

November 27, 2023:
Since the needs of the Daily Illuminator are voracious and insatiable, I asked my youngling when he walked in the door from school: "What's your favorite bit of gaming advice?" He's run a few well-respected campaigns as part of his Dungeons & Dragons club at school, and he's been raised from birth by parents who won't shut up about gaming, so I liked my odds at getting something useful from him. After a few moments of thought, he offered the following: Players will feel better about having a few awesome moments than a consistently good campaign or adventure . . . read article

November 28, 2023:
Hey, y'all! I'm Michelle Richardson, and I've just joined the amazing team at Steve Jackson Games as a Marketing Assistant . . . read article

November 29, 2023:
Not everyone has an astronomical phenomenon named after them. Heaven knows, I don't! . . . read article

November 30, 2023:
Those who love futuristic settings or exploring alternate timelines, if you want to make your future feel that much more oddball but grounded, consider letting obsolete tech thrive. What do I mean? . . . read article

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