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November 29, 2021: The Fantasy Trip Hexagram #8 On Warehouse 23

Thanks to the support of The Fantasy Trip community, we've released a total of eight issues of Hexagram, a semi-regular zine dedicated to Steve's first fantasy roleplaying game. As of this writing, all eight issues are available at Warehouse 23 in PDF and print, giving you several different ways to grow your campaign with new creatures, characters, concepts, and the occasional behind-the-scenes look at the ever-expanding series of releases for The Fantasy Trip.

This latest issue, #8, was just unveiled at FnordCon 4 earlier this month! Be sure to watch the Daily Illuminator . . . we will announce the next issue soon.

Visit our online store, Warehouse 23, for a look at the entire catalog of releases for use with The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game.

-- Phil Reed

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