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October 10, 2004: Linucon Update

Short note from Linucon:

It's going well. Having fun.

It had NOT been a good week going into the event . . . much stress, not enough sleep. The con is a great break; that's good. Much more sleep was lost in completing preparations. That's . . . interesting. The con is giving away little bars of caffeine-laced soap and right now I really wish I'd picked one up.

The celebrity Munchkin game was a hoot. Howard Tayler drew some new cards, and I got to keep the Secret Service one. I'll scan it for you later. I got killed by Cthulhu. Wil Wheaton won with a couple of good plays.

The Chaos Machine is simply incredible. As of Friday night it was already larger and neater than the last time it was out. Not as densely filled with track, yet, but give it time. Oh, I hope I hope I hope that somebody's getting good photos.

Today: 12 hours of Pirate Game. We were working on setup till about midnight last night. Arr.
-- Steve Jackson

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