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October 14, 2004: What's New With Steve Jackson Games?

If you were wondering what was new with us, you'd likely ask Steve Jackson, Sean Punch, or Andrew Hackard. But what would you ask Jeff Johannigman and Wil Upchurch?

Next Monday, at 6pm CST (7pm on the East Coast, 4pm on the West), you'll get your chance to ask all your questions of our head honchos on Pyramid's fabulous Chat! Say goodbye to Andrew, greet the new guys, ask Steve about Linucon, and poke Sean about GURPS Powers!

(Yes, we realize this isn't the best time for you West Coasters, but we promise to hang around for a while, and the log will be posted ASAP. Look at it this way -- at least you're not in Tokyo's time zone!)

Pyramid is our online zine, now with more chats and GURPS sneak peeks. As always, Pyramid has Ken Hite's Suppressed Transmission, weekly comics (including John Kovalic's Dork Tower and Murphy's Rules, drawn by Greg Hyland), and reviews from every area of gaming. Click here to subscribe!

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