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October 17, 2004: Coming In February

Steve Jackson Games will release this new product in February, 2005:

Murphy's Rules 2
Murphy's Rules is back with a vengeance! Since the original Murphy's collection was published in 1998, games have gotten bigger and more sophisticated, the components have gotten fancier, the boards and cards more colorful, the graphics more dazzling . . . but the boneheaded mistakes keep on coming. And that's where Murphy's Rules comes in.

In the virtual pages of Pyramid magazine, Murphy's Rules has gone right on skewering everything that is mind-boggling, ridiculous, and just plain silly in gaming. Like armor that's too heavy to wear, but you can carry it in your backpack . . . or presidential candidates who don't know what state they're from . . . or traveling across the desert by raft . . . they're all in the pages of Murphy's Rules 2, with many, many more!.

Murphy's Rules 2 features nearly 150 cartoons from John Kovalic, the Origins-award winning talent behind Dork Tower and the artist behind the Munchkin and Chez Geek line of card games. The book also features 30 or so cartoons from Greg Hyland, the latest Murphy's Rules artist and the artist behind the Lethargic Lad comic book and Ninja Burger. And there's other stuff . . . silly stuff . . .

Invite Murphy to sit in on your next game. He'll make you laugh.

80 pages. Stock #9012, ISBN 1-55634-483-X. $19.95.

And In January . . .

This product was just added to our January, 2005 release schedule:

Munchkin Fu 2 - Monky Business
Munchkin Fu won the Gamer's Choice Award at last year's Origins convention for the Best Card Game of 2003. How do you follow something like that? With more mooks, more mayhem, more monsters, more munchkins, more monks especially more monks in Munchkin Fu 2 Monky Business!

Munchkin Fu 2 has more of the Hong Kong martial arts chop-socky action you crave Munchkin style! Try out some new martial arts styles, like Kong Fu, Fee Fi Fo Fu, Sna Fu, Haiku Fu, and the ever-perilous Stomach Fu! Pick up dangerous new weapons, like the Auspicious Ivory Gutting Hook or the Hong Kong Sarong, and take on frightening new monsters, like General Tso and Genghis Cong.

The team of Origins-Award-winning designer Steve Jackson and mad cartoonist Greg Hyland (Lethargic Lad, Munchkin Fu) are back again for Monky Business. And of course, like all other Munchkin products, this supplement is completely compatible with the original Munchkin and all its supplements and spinoffs, including Star Munchkin, Munchkin Bites!, and Munchkin Blender.

So if you want your Munchkin game to be more fun than a barrel of monks, be sure to get Monky Business!

112 cards in shrink-wrapped folder. Stock #1441, ISBN 1-55634-739-1. $16.95.

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