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October 9, 2004: The Andrew-Shaped Hole

It is with great regret that I share the news that Andrew Hackard is leaving us. He's been an invaluable part of the team for the last few years, and he's one of the people without whom the Fourth Edition of GURPS would simply not have happened. He's also a great deal of fun to work with; the place will be darker without him. But he has been offered a very sweet gig editing math textbooks: more money and less stress. For him, I'm delighted. For us . . . well, we'll sort it out.

I am not going to say that this will not affect our schedule for the next year. It will. But I say again, we'll sort it out. And Andrew won't turn into a stranger; depending on how the new job works out, he may even pick up some editing work on a freelance basis.

There is as yet no job posting because Andrew and I were both consumed last week with getting GURPS Fantasy to press, and with preparing for our responsibilities for Linucon. Something should be posted soon. Actually, since we already had an empty slot in the editorial department, we'll probably be looking for two people. The first one will need to have at least two of the qualities "GURPS 4e god," "experienced editor with immaculate English skills," and "can work in the Austin office." The second posting, I expect, will call strongly for whichever of those we don't get with the first hire.
-- Steve Jackson

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