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October 21, 2004: Con Chaos!

The Chaos Machine was a great success at Linucon . . . this incarnation was even bigger and better than the Penguicon one. Among those having Too Much Fun with it were Howard Tayler, who you ought to know by now as the creator of Schlock Mercenary, and his friend and co-CONspirator Chalain. They are both very web-savvy guys . . . so now www.conchaos.com exists, specifically to share ideas about Chaos stuff. It has both a PHPBB forum AND a wiki. (I had never used a wiki before, except when a search result sent me to Wikipedia. Wow. I would like to buy a drink, or several drinks, for the people who created that concept and made it work.)

At any rate, www.conchaos.com is open to everyone who thinks the Chaos Machine is fun and would like to see it come to more conventions. There are photos, and there will be more . . . I have wikified all my notes and documentation . . . and now the site is what fandom makes of it.
-- Steve Jackson

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