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October 12, 2004: Back At It!

Writing this Monday night after returning from Linucon. My living room is filled with boxes of Chaos and Pirates stuff which needs to be checked and sorted before going onto the shelves. I'm pretty whipped. But, amazingly and happily, not dead-miserable-sick tired. Just "wow, long week" tired. I take this as a good sign . . . I'm not sure that six months ago I could have handled a week like the last one, and definitely not without spending a couple of days at home afterward, twitching. (And having said that, I have no excuse not to get right back to my exercise. I slacked . . . not skipped, but slacked . . . over the weekend. Tonight I owe myself the full program. It is very nice to feel healthier, even when the only benefit is that it keeps me from falling down and twitching.)

Because there is no time in the schedule for twitching. Must get GURPS Fantasy to press; must deal with the unplanned downsizing of the editorial staff; must spend quality time thinking about digital projects now that Johann is on the team.

Linucon wrapup: The con finished up successfully, and those of you who missed it should try harder next year. Everyone had a great time, including the guests. Much liquid nitrogen ice cream was eaten, and many geek toys were played with. The Pirate Game went very well. The Mad Game Design went very well. And the Chaos machine went INCREDIBLY well. I will have pictures.

Followup: This didn't run last night; the playtest announcement took precedence. So: It was a productive day. There is now less stuff in the living room. GURPS Fantasy didn't go to press, but tomorrow I think it will. I'm closer to caught up on sleep; another night should do it. And I'm deep in conversation that will probably culminate in the creation of an organized Chaos Toy fandom (Organized Chaos. What a name.) But I won't blab more till the site is up.

And, blogsurfing, I see that both Howard Tayler and Wil Wheaton are feeling just like I am. They both report having a great time, and being too pooped to write about it . . . yet. Heh! Mission accomplished!

-- Steve Jackson

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