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September 6, 2021: Munchkin Tails And Munchkins & Mazes Back In Stock!


Two casualties of the pandemic were the reprints of our Munchkin 2020 game releases, Munchkin Tails and Munchkins & Mazes. We expected these reprints in our warehouse earlier this year, but the state of freight seriously damaged our schedules and it was only this month that they landed in the warehouse and started shipping to distributors.

Worse still? We know that many Munchkin players in the larger world are unaware of both games. The loss of conventions in 2020, and for much of 2021, has made it a tad difficult to get out into the world and teach the new games to players. That makes it more important than ever that we continue to share information online, in the hopes that those of you who missed the release of these games in 2020 can now get your hands on the reprints in time for your family game nights this fall and winter.

You can find Munchkin Tails and Munchkins & Mazes at your favorite local game store. If you're not sure of which stores may be closest to your home, please see our store finder for a list of known stores that carry Munchkin and other other games. 

As always, you can visit Warehouse 23, our online store, if your local shop doesn't carry the latest Munchkin titles.

-- Phil Reed

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