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September 14, 2014: Visiting Aetherfest

A steampunk convention! Or "retro-futuristic," if you prefer. It's November 21-23, in San Antonio – within driving distance! So I can go in my not-at-all-steampunk-but-named-after-Nikola-Tesla car!

I have never been to a dedicated steampunk convention before, but I've had a great time at the steampunk tracks of events like Comicpalooza. With a name like The San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association, how can these folks go wrong? And their guest of honor is Michael Moorcock!

I will also, of course, have a Munchkin Steampunk playtest set with me.

My only regret is that I doubt I'll have time to put together a proper outfit. But if not, I can visit the dealer room and invest in a few accessories!

-- Steve Jackson

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