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September 24, 2014: Announcing Munchkin Treasure Hunt!

Munchkin Treasure HuntMunchkin is a great game, and we're really excited about how many people like it. We noticed a while back that there was an audience that didn't have a Munchkin game all their own, though: kids! So what did we do? We made a game for kids.

Munchkin Treasure Hunt isn't just another Munchkin core set; it's a whole new board game in which kids (or grown-ups; you know y'all love this stuff too) move their characters around a board fighting monsters and taking their treasure! Monster cards make the monsters tougher, and you can use your Treasure cards to defeat the monsters and get even more treasure. But you'll want to hang on to those Treasures; each one has a Gold value, and the player with the most Gold at the end of the game is the winner!

You can find Munchkin Treasure Hunt in Toys'R'Us stores right now. There are Toys'R'Us stores everywhere, so it shouldn't be hard for kids all over the country to get their hands on a copy, but if you don't live close enough to get there, you can order from toysrus.com, too. Go get your loot!

-- Brian Engard

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