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September 28, 2014: Being A GURPS GM Is Easier Than Ever!

How to Be a GURPS GM

Have you ever wanted to run a GURPS game but were daunted at the prospect? So many wonderful options, exciting decisions, and worlds of possibilities -- how do you start? Or maybe you've run a GURPS game for years, but feel you could use some additional wisdom or pointers? Whether novice or master, How to Be a GURPS GM has something for you!

This meaty guide covers everything you need to get a game up and running, from the moment you pick up the GURPS Basic Set to when your gaming group sits down at the table -- and beyond! Discover tricks to prepare your setting, make characters that fit your adventure concept, choose the supplements that are most useful, create challenging encounters, and design exciting adventure.

This supplement also provides canonical insight from GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch on a multitude of topics: what to do when a hero's disadvantages clash, what skill and attribute levels your characters needs to be as proficient as they want to be, and much more. With GURPS Fourth Edition entering its second decade of greatness, it's never been easier and better to be a GURPS player or GM, thanks to How to Be a GURPS GM!

-- Steven Marsh

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