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September 15, 2014: Announcements For January 2015

Check out the cool stuff that's coming in January of 2015!

Munchkin Love Shark Baby

Munchkin Love Shark Baby

Here's a little something for that special munchkin in your life! More monsters to slay, more treasures to steal, more curses to dodge . . . all in the name of True Love. (Love of loot and levels, that is!)

Munchkin Love Shark Baby is a new Valentine's Day-themed booster with art by Katie Cook!

Chez Geek -- Slack to the Future

Chez Geek -- Slack to the Future

Technology hasn't made us any more productive. In fact, it's made slacking off easier than it's ever been! Slack to the Future celebrates the bleeding edge of carefree, codependent laziness with 56 new cards of activities, people, jobs, food, and other stuff from the digital revolution.

-- Brian Engard

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