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September 19, 2014: Avast, Ye Scalliwags And All That!

Munchkin Booty -- The Most Piratey of Munchkin Games

Today is the day we all celebrate by talkin' like a scurvey pirate, goin' on about walkin' o' planks and hoistin' o' petards and kickin' o' doors. 

I may be a wee bit confused about what this holiday actually is.

At any rate, we're having a sale! For all of today (Friday the 19th, from midnight to 11:59 p.m. CST), you can get 8% off of quite a few piratey titles on Warehouse 23 in our Pieces o' Eight Sale! Go check out the full list of games, and claim yer booty.

-- Brian Engard

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