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September 17, 2021: Pre-Order Car Wars Miniatures Set 2 Today!


As our warehouse crew prepares for the monumental task of shipping the Car Wars Sixth Edition rewards to the Kickstarter backers, we have opened pre-orders for the game, expansions, and accessories at Warehouse 23. The most popular types of expansions selected by project supporters in the BackerKit surveys were the miniatures boxes, four different sets that each include five minis and 148 game cards that increase the number of available vehicle design options for the game.

Car Wars Miniatures Set 2, not included in the Double Ace box, comes with five car miniatures that are not found in any other set: Spark, Pure Energy, Redline, Sledge, and Apollo. These five miniatures are shipped unpainted, but pre-assembled, and the color-coded miniatures bases are the quickest way to differentiate players' cars for those of you who are eager to start playing before you even attempt to paint your cars.

Click here to pre-order Car Wars Miniatures Set 2 today!


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