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September 30, 2020: Forthcoming FnordCon Fun!

We have so many things to pack into our one day of FnordCon on October 10, and you should visit our schedule page to see all of our activities. Some highlights include:

  • Seminars with Steve Jackson, Phil Reed, Guest of Honor Liz Danforth, Munchkin Dungeon designer Eric Lang, and other staff members and guests! Find out what's new and upcoming for Munchkin, Car Wars, GURPS, TFT, and more!
  • Games, including The Fantasy Trip, Z-Shot, a brand-new and double-deadly Deadly Doodles 2 map, and Tribes. Many of these are limited seating and first-come first-served, so check the schedule for information about how to sign up.
  • UltraCorps! If you're unfamiliar with this turn-based space MMO, this is a great opportunity to try the game, and we'll have awards for new players as well as overall winners!
  • Release announcements for new games that will be sold for the first time in our dealers' room at FnordCon (which will also include other select vendors)!
  • Talk about pets, obscure 80s music, and perhaps even games with attendees and staff in the virtual con suite.

Best of all, the experience is free! Watch our social media for a link to our vFnordCon Discord server when it goes active on Friday evening, October 9 (you can also click "Going" on our Facebook page for the event to be notified when the server goes live). We hope to see you October 10!

-- Alex Yeager

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