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About every third month, Pyramid devotes itself to a theme that ties in, roughly, to "times of yore." (In GURPS terms, this is anything from TL0 to TL4 – from the dawn of time through 1700 or so.) Since fantasy gaming is so popular, most of these issues also contain magical or fantasy-related ideas. Topics include historical exploration, magic on the battlefield, and tools for clerics.

Pyramid #3/16: Historical Exploration

Pyramid #3/16: Historical Exploration (February 2010)

For this month's issue, we hoist the sails of adventure and assemble a crew ready for "Historical Exploration." This seafaring installment includes "An Age of Sails," a world where the siren's call of the ocean sets the stage for amazing discoveries. This detailed alternate timeline can be used by cross-time explorers in the GURPS Infinite Worlds setting or as a stand-alone campaign in a world of intrigue, mysteries, and secrets.

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Pyramid #3/13: Thaumatology

Pyramid #3/13: Thaumatology (November 2009)

This issue taps into the untold power of "Thaumatology." This fantasy-themed issue includes "The Magic of Stories," a full treatment of fairy-tale magic for GURPS Thaumatology. Use this system to emulate traditional fables – or as the power behind modernist self-knowing fairy tales!

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Pyramid #3/10: Crime and Grime

Pyramid #3/10: Crime and Grime (August 2009)

This issue covers "Crime and Grime," and it's criminally full of helpful and fun ideas for a medieval- or fantasy-themed campaign. Whether your adventurers are agents of law and order, actively oppose those agents, or just want to stay out of the way, they're sure to find something they can use. This issue contains "The Justiciar," a new template for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, written by GURPS line editor Sean Punch!

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Pyramid #3/07: Urban Fantasy

Pyramid #3/07: Urban Fantasy (May 2009)

In this issue, our theme is "Urban Fantasy," and it's packed with 42 pages of people, plots, and powered possibilities, including "The New Kingdom," a systemless campaign that brings the Egyptian gods to the modern world. Can humanity survive their far-reaching plots? Can the gods and their agents uncover the mystery of who dares try to kill them?

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Pyramid #3/04: Magic on the Battlefield

Pyramid #3/04: Magic on the Battlefield (February 2009)

This month's installment is 40 pages dedicated to warfare and wizardry, and includes GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch's description of a group of martial mages, using both GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles and GURPS Mass Combat!

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Pyramid #3/01: Tools of the Trade – Wizards

Pyramid #3/01: Tools of the Trade – Wizards (November 2008)

Each month, Pyramid features a specific theme, to kick-start a new campaign or spice up an old one. This month, "Tools of the Trade: Wizards" includes new accessories for necromancers, by GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch!

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Sample Articles

What kind of articles are in historical/fantasy issues of Pyramid? Try these sample articles and see!

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