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December 5, 2014: Steve Jackson Games LIVE: #SuperSecretShow #SJGamesLIVE

While our servers are down for scheduled maintenance we are bringing you a non-stop, live look into Steve Jackson Games! Tune in for prizes, games, and interviews from 11am to 6pm, Friday, December 5 (today). Hosted by me, Rhea Friesen!

Before, during, and after the event we invite you to post your questions and comments. Type #SJGamesLIVE and your question or comment into Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr or the comments of this video. If you have questions on a specific segment, please also use the associated hashtag listed in the schedule below. Some segments are offering prizes for questions! I like prizes . . . and aliens, but that's beside the point.

Oh, and before I forget, if you see something you like during the show, then try your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS)! No luck? Visit Warehouse 23 when we're back online and they'll get you all taken care of.


Schedule in CST:

11am - 12pm Rhea and Stacy play Castellan

Stacy and I are talking about two of my favorite things: conventions and boardgames! All while building our castle.


12pm - 1pm Introducing Randy our Retail Liaison - Mars Attacks

Randy shares his experiences here including his involvement with Mars Attacks.

Ask questions using #SJGamesLIVE #MarsAttacks and enter to win a free copy of Mars Attacks -- The Dice Game.

Once we're back online, register your store in our store finder.


1pm - 2pm Introducing Sean and GURPS

Sean, line editor for GURPS, tells us about some of his favorite GM moments.

Sean answers GURPS rules questions everyday on the forums and shares behind-the-scenes action of GURPS development every Friday.


2pm – 3pm Introducing Devin: Munchkin and Playtesting

Devin is on our Munchkin team and also handles a lot of our playtesting for games. Let's hear his story and maybe pull out some Munchkin Loot Letter for fun.


3pm - 4pm Brian and Andreas present Knightmare Chess and Hipster Dice

Hipster Dice makes both these games too mainstream to talk about here.

Ask questions using #SJGamesLIVE #KnightmareChess and enter to win a free copy of Knightmare Chess.

Also join our elite team of MIBs, after the site is back up, of course.


4pm - 5pm Jen and her affinity for Ogre

Jen is one of the newest member of our team and she's got a hankering to share her love of Ogre.

Ask questions using #SJGamesLIVE #Ogre and enter to win a free copy of Car Wars Classic.


5pm - 6pm Scott Haring, Line Editor for Car Wars

Scott has some protoypes for the new edition of Car Wars.

Ask questions using #SJGamesLIVE #CarWars and enter to win a free copy of Car Wars Classic.

When our site is live once again, visit the forums for inside access to Car Wars updates and information.


Thank you for watching and participating!

-- Rhea Friesen

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